Tracey Wills

Dramatherapist and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapist

Tracey Wills

Tracey Wills

Dramatherapist and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapist 

HCPC registered and full member of BADth (British Association of Dramatherapists) 

Having reaped many therapeutic benefits through my own passion for drama and performance, I became curious about the healing power therein and went to study Dramatherapy at the South West School of Dramatherapy where I graduated in 2011. Since then, my passion has been for facilitating others to release their potential through creative and embodied means.

I took my training further and went on to train in Developmental Transformations (DvT) – a playful and improvisational dramatherapy method which places emphasis on Embodiment, Encounter (with the therapist as self or any character) and Transformation (the flow of ever-changing narrative).

Since most of our struggles and/or trauma are created within our personal relationships, I believe that it is the relational aspect of therapy wherein lies the most healing power. Drama and the creative process allows many ways for the client and therapist to be in relationship together and thus allows new perspectives on relationships to be explored.

I have also trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), which blends well with Dramatherapy. In IFS, clients are supported to meet and engage with their many internal 'characters' (or 'parts' in IFS language). When met with compassion and understanding, these parts relax their grip on our lives allowing us more space to be who we want to be. IFS is more traditionally a ‘talk based’ therapy yet still involves the body through visualisation and breath. My IFS training has been very useful during the recent pandemic Lockdowns for it is readily accessible through video link platforms such as Zoom.

I have had the privilege to work in many different client settings. Most recently I have been working in schools with children affected by attachment disorders, anxiety, developmental trauma, abuse, neglect and those entering the care system. I also work in the community with adults with learning disabilities and with the elderly. Other previous dramatherapy experience includes working with dementia patients, young offenders and adopted children.

Sharing my knowledge and experience has also become an important part of my working life. I train and support volunteers who come to work with the creative arts community projects I am involved in, and I am also invited each year to be a placement mentor for students on the Applied Drama degree course at the University of Exeter.

My creative skill set has also found me enthusiastically involved in projects that raise awareness to social issues. I have co-devised and run interactive workshops for taking into schools that have covered topics such as disability, bullying and young carers.

How do I resource myself? I still very much enjoy performing; and also embodied dance practices such as Five Rhythms, the natural environment and long walks.

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