Gin Farrow-Jones


Gin Farrow-Jones

Dramatherapist & Trainee Environmental Arts Therapist. Member of BADth. HCPC registered

About me

Since graduating in dramatherapy in 2006, I have worked as a creative arts therapist with a wide range of populations and ages. In 2016 I joined a multi- agency support team (MAST) delivering targeted interventions to vulnerable Primary School children in both small groups and 1-2-1 therapy.

My passionate belief in creativity’s ability to empower individuals to find unique solutions to their life challenges stems from an arts and teaching background in non-mainstream education. However, my lightbulb moment that I wanted to be a creative arts therapist, to enable sustained transformational change in peoples’ lives, arrived when teaching drama at a residential home for children in care.

Creative arts therapies support both adults and children experiencing a range of difficulties, including transitions, experiences of loss and grief (simple and complicated) associated with entering the care system, bereavement, divorce, separation. Issues relating to children’s difficulties accessing the Curriculum learning, friendship, bullying and identity make Creative Arts Therapies the first choice for early interventions for Schools and parents.

Creative arts therapies efficacy lies in its use of metaphor, story, movement, puppetry, and creativity. I offer non- confrontational ways for all clients to effectively engage with, and explore feelings, behaviours as well as possibilities for emotional regulation and healthy self-expression, body awareness, communication, relationships, roles, and narratives, whether difficulties hark to a known event in the past or are emerging in the present. In private practice I offer Environmental Arts Therapy to young adults, working in woods and the Coast.

Specialist interests are Developmental Complex Trauma, specifically relating to Looked-After-Children, although relevant to children with mild to moderate learning disabilities, children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, as well as adult clients. Integrating several theoretical orientations, my practice offers a person-centred, trauma–informed PACE approach side-by-side a dramatic developmental model of play, besides being informed by psychodynamic, relational and attachment focussed models for the requisite repair to disrupted primary attachment bonds.

As a member of the MAST team, I co-developed and co-delivered CPD training to school staff in Domestic Abuse, and ‘Supporting Children in School with Nature’.

My recent professional development includes delivering theory and experiential workshops for trainee therapists (Creative Arts Therapy Foundation Course, Hertford Education Child Development Degree Course. University of Plymouth). Sharing expertise through training young professionals is fun and very rewarding and stretches my own growing edge.

I am skilled in creating therapeutic alliances and a safe, playful space to support people with constancy, creativity, and my compassionate, non-judgemental presence. Prospective clients: I’ll invite you to collaborate, and start where you are, then the essential conditions you need to catalyse you own healing potential and to make change in the direction of your choice, and at your pace, are created, as well as celebrated.

Spending time in Nature, dancing, and taking all-weather family dog walks on beaches are some of my favourite ways of resourcing myself.


2014 –2015: Systemic Family Therapy Foundation Course

2019 – ongoing: Environmental Arts Therapy training (Art Therapy Centre, London).

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